Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life Lately.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks as we've had a lot of medical stuff going on...lots of appointments and issues. Here we were at the children's hospital clinic to see our Mastocytosis doctor and we didn't want to catch any viruses, so we wore these fancy masks around the hospital and didn't touch. a. thing!

The most important (and unfortunate) part of the past couple weeks is that the 3 masses on my liver are not what we thought they were; we thought they were benign hemangiomas, but they didn't light up as such on the triple phase CT scan, so now, we don't know what they are. We also don't know if they are even benign. 

So, now I have to have a BUNCH of tests--an endoscopy, colonoscopy, MRI's, a mammogram, an ultrasound of my ovaries and uterus, a possible bone scan, and 12 vials of blood were taken from my veins yesterday for lab tests all with the hopes of figuring it all out. 

Lord-willing, it will all turn out fine....and by fine, I mean no big deal, benign, nothing we need to do anything about. I am praying for that at least...

However, I know it will be okay no matter what because the Lord is always good.

I have been busy managing fatigue and pain between all the doctor appointments, homeschooling, photo shoots, designing and editing photos {like this one of a sweet 3 day new baby girl at the beach}...

that doesn't even count the normal mom and housewife stuff, which I have been kinda of failing in lately. One person can only do so much though, and thankfully I have a very supportive family--one I am so thankful for. 

We had a sweet Valentine's Day...super simple but fun.

We didn't go to the beach as a family since before my last post...not once. :( But I did go there for two photo shoots. This is after one was over and it was cold but heavenly out...

and this was at a different beach on a really warm beautiful day (this is the same session that I took that newborn photo in at the beginning of this post).

It was mostly because I have been in pain and not feeling well, and Chelsea had a sick day (it was actually before the mask day at the hospital...I am writing slightly out of order!), which turned into a sick day for Gavin, but in the process, I captured this super sweet picture of our faithful dog guarding strep throat Chelsea on our bed...

I couldn't love this dog (or my girl) more. 

I designed the following two pictures in the Rhonna Designs app on my iPad with beach photos I took...I love them and they were a quick emotional pick me up when I was having an anxious moment last week after the triple phase CT scan results;

and I have been singing the song based on what I wrote on the above photo, "Bless the Lord, O my soul, o my soul, worship His Holy Name! Sing like never before, O my soul, worship His Holy Name" ever since. 

Do you know that worship song? We sing it in church a lot and I love it.

Music and design and photography are my outlets when I am stressed, when I am anxious, when I am sad, mad, even happy and energetic. It makes me happy, it excites me, and the Lord uses these things to bring me peace and contentment. I am so thankful for it, I am smiling right now as I type about it!

I will end with some more new prints...which are all mostly in my Etsy Shop...some maybe not, I will need to add them all soon.

I love the song "Oceans" by Hillsong United so I designed more prints with more lyrics;


The song reminds me of a story in the book of Matthew in the Bible, a story about Peter. 

Jesus was on the lake with His disciples when Peter told Jesus to walk on water to prove who He is. Jesus not only did, but told Peter to do it too. So Peter started walking--on the water--to Jesus--but he could only do it if he kept his eyes on Jesus as he walked. He did for a few steps but then he started to look around, he grew afraid, and started to drown. When Jesus rescued him from the water, He asked Peter, "Why did you doubt, oh you of little faith?" It ended with Peter knowing Jesus is Lord.

If you read through all the lyrics of the song Oceans, it totally looks like it was written with this story in mind and I love that because that story is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. 

The ocean is also one of my favorite things in the world so putting the story to music and giving it that title is icing on the cake for me. The song is so beautiful, the lyrics so poignant, and it comforts my soul whenever I listen to it.  

It reminds me to fix my eyes on Jesus no matter how challenging life is or continues to get, so I can stay above the waves and not get knocked about in the storms of life. 

And man, are there a lot of storms!!!

Regardless of how these tests I am taking turn out, I want to be able to always be at peace with the Lord's plans for my life. I am at peace now and I pray that through the Holy Spirit working within me, that it stays that way.

I also pray with all my heart that my desires for my life line up with His, because I want to live a really long life with my family living a really long life, all of us all together here, but if His plans are different, I don't want that peace to go away. I want to trust in Him in all times through all things and I want to be able to say...

It Is Well With My Soul


Another design:

It takes courage and confidence in the Lord to feel this with all your heart no matter what your circumstances are. It's something I pray I can and will feel from now on.... 

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  1. I absolutely love all of your photos. You have an amazing talent. My favorite one from your 2/27 post is the sunset, 3rd one down. Is is possible to post that to Etsy? I would definitely purchase it.

    I hope you have a great weekend and I hope you feel better soon!

    -Francine H. from Connecticut.


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