Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Sweet Boy

No pretty pictures today...much to my dismay.
It's been a rough week and a day for our sweet boy
{also to my dismay}

Gavin has been out of all of his doctors offices for too long. It's been too long since he had his regular lab work (blood tests) done. It's been too long since he's been examined. 

{those are what I call his "masto" eyes"...it's like a bad eye-shadow make-up job except they normally swell too}

I would feel guilty but I can't, because I was sick for 3 months and his insurance was messed up.

But it isn't now and I am better now (yeah! Praise God!).

So it's back to the medical world he {and I along for the ride} go.

It won't be fun but hopefully it will be worth it.

If nothing else, it will hopefully again, give me peace of mind that he is the same. The same is okay because the same has been better than not for the past 8 months.

The same has been a version of great we never imagined possible. 

God can always do more than we ask or imagine possible. He is the author of doing the seemingly impossible, in fact, nothing is impossible in Him! 

He has worked nothing short of a miracle in our son's 8 years on this earth and we can only hope and pray that He will continue to while we glorify Him in the process for all we know to see, read, and hear.

He turned a corner this morning and I was thrilled to see it....
But tonight he got worse again.
{he has a cold that triggered the Mastocytosis, and as my Mama always says, a cold is always worse at night}

The part that freaked me out was that at 11pm tonight, his nose bled for almost an hour. I tried to see if it was running down the back of his throat and I might have seen some but it was SO hard to tell because he is swollen inside and coughing a lot, even without tonsils.

Him and I got it to stop and aside from looking like a ghost, he happily went to sleep. I am freaking out on the inside even now but I was calm as a clam like nothing could be further from normal in front of him and Chelsea. She was visibly freaking me out and I had to convince her that he is fine.

I so hope he is fine. I would hate to become a liar to my daughter already and besides, who doesn't want him to be fine anyway?!

I know we want him to be.

Please pray that he is....

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