Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throw-Back Thankful Thursday

Today, I am remembering all that I went through in the last 9 weeks;
an infected and inflamed gallbladder whose wall wore away so that fluid dumped into places it didn't belong; inflaming my pancreas, intestine, and bile duct....
giving me what I now know was sepsis, keeping me in the hospital for about two weeks, spending half of that time in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).....

being on a pain pump, being heavily sedated, not remembering so much of that first week, noticing that my first update from the ICU was four days after being there and freaking out weeks later when it occurred to me that I didn't remember anything from those first four days....
needing a drain placed through my liver and into my gallbladder to relieve the pressure and divert fluids out of me during an emergency surgery to save my life, and then having to deal with that drain coming out of my side for 6 weeks.....
being on IV antibiotics for 5 weeks....not being able to drive or snuggle or lay on either side, or sit or stand without help and once I was sitting or standing, I had to lay back down minutes later; I had no appetite or any energy to do anything at all.....
then I was discharged the first time, only to go home with IV antibiotics and the drain and the still inflamed and sick gallbladder.....but I was happy to go home nonetheless;
after the drain had been in place for 6 weeks, 
I went back to the hospital for surgery to remove the drain and my icky gallbladder.....and again, the pain was horrific;
for 24 hours following the surgery, they worked to find the right dose of Dilaudid in the second pain pump....
they found a suitable dose, and then for 3 days and two nights in the hospital the second time around, I waited to feel better....
and then I got to go home again on oral Dilaudid again, but this time with no drain, no IV antibiotics, and no gallbladder!
It's been a rough 3 weeks since surgery, but by the grace of God and the love of my friends and family, I made it through!  image
After a total of 9 weeks, I have completely weaned off of the 8 mg of Dilaudid without any problems....

AND I am almost completely recovered! :)

I couldn't be more thrilled or grateful or full of more praise.

The Lord spared my life, protected me, kept me safe, had me in the best care, and surrounded me with love through so many around us.

Friends delivered meals for 7 weeks...yummy meals that made us feel spoiled and cared about so much.

Friends and family helped with everything....everything!

To say we are blessed wouldn't accurately describe it well enough.

All I can say is that we are, I am, thankful....
oh SO thankful, for all of it...
from the big to the small.....
I thank The Lord for it all!


  1. so so happy to see this update and love the pictures of you looking better. my favorite is the one with you and your dear husband.


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