Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Surgery, VBS, Beach, My Birthday!

1. My drain is gone and so is my gallbladder :) 
Recovery has been reeeeeally slow and hard and painful.  

I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and 2 nights. It will only be one week tomorrow since I had the surgery, so it isn't exactly slow, but it sure feels slow when it's my 39th birthday tomorrow and I am in too much pain with too much exhaustion and too little breath to really enjoy myself.

The surgery will take me up to 6 weeks to recover, and this half of summer.  So my glass is half empty right now. I am tired and in pain, I can't help it. It will change soon.

It was laparoscopic and successful but I had no idea the recovery would be this long and this painful.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day, especially since it's such a special one :)

2. Needless to say, my family will find a way to spoil me and give me the best birthday ever anyway, and I am so thankful for that. :)  

For the record, I did get to go out for the first and only time yesterday and it was FUN...let's just say it's my happy place...not happy place vacation, but instead, my happy place at home:

but let's just say I am still paying for it in pain.  OOPS.
{I took the picture but was too tired to put my logo on it!}

3.  My kids are in VBS for big kids at night at our church and Tim is Gavin's group leader.  

I have been Chelsea's group leader ever since she was 4--every single year but this one because of this gallbladder and surgery issue--but her best friend's mom is her leader, with her best friend, and well, that's the next best thing. I am proud of her attitude and how much she has matured in her faith and in her attitude...she is caring about me more than herself, and her automatic default mode didn't always used to be like that.

This is Gavin's first year at night with the big kids, and every night, he comes home more sure of how fun it is than he did the night before. They both miss me being there, but they are both sharing some fun special memories with their daddy and they need that since I do so much with them. 

It's hard to admit, but they need some time with other adults besides me and right now, they are getting it and it's going well. That makes me proud!

But seeing the three of them drive off everyday for 4 hours still makes me teary-eyed that I am not with them;

but then, I remember that I have 4 hours to myself and I dry up my tears.

Yesterday I read the Bible....get silence.

Silence is a beautiful thing that is NOT EVER around when my son is. :)

Tonight I watched a movie on Netflix. The Shunned based on the book by Beverly Lewis...


But you have to know that I am adopted, and after you read the summary, you will immediately know why I loved the movie so much. I related.

I never watch girl movies alone.  

It was glorious. 

Monday wasn't fun because I didn't know what to do with myself...HA! 

I didn't know what I was missing.  

Now, I may want more of these nights once in awhile :)

But tomorrow night and Friday night, I am going to attempt to be a church photographer so I can be there at VBS at night, but bask in my family's fun from a distance. Prayerfully I will feel well and get some great pictures for my favorite church!

And Saturday, is the day we officially celebrate my 39th birthday with my husband and my two sweet kiddos.  I know we are going to our happy place again (the beach) and past that, I have no idea.  The best part is that I  don't care, as long as I am with them.

Girl nights are fun, but family ones are the best! 
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  1. Carla,
    I just ran across your blog while looking up some homeschooling info and I have to say I love it. I love your theme of choosing joy. Because that's exactly what it it is. A choice. I admire your strength and dependence on the Lord, the use of your God given talents and passions, and your commitment to your family. My husband has severe ulcerative colitis. I understand how debilitating a serious illness/disease can be. And I understand that even when you choose joy, that it doesn't necessarily mean there won't be wrenching pain (both physical and emotional) or discouragement. Mine and my husbands journey with his disease has been so incredibly hard, but I can say that even in the pain I can see God moving and directing our lives and I trust that He has a plan. I just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!


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