Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First and Last Day, Surgery, and Cancer

1.  I have been meaning to post these for over a week now, so here they are....the first and last day of 5th and 3rd grades for my kiddos...they are growing so fast! :(
This is also the last picture of my baby girl as an elementary school student...she already graduated into Middle School Ministry at church this past week and she LOVES it. Then, come Fall, we will dive into middle school work....I personally, am not looking forward to the math portion of that! {we are still homeschooling}

2.  Tomorrow is my surgery to remove this thing that I dislike even though it serves an excellent purpose:

They also will be removing my gallbladder and performing an angiogram through my common bile duct. I will be in the hospital overnight.  

Please keep me in your prayers...that all goes smoothly without any complications!

3.  My dad was diagnosed with breast cancer and we met with my surgeon today to discuss his surgical options. For every 99 women who get breast cancer, one man gets it...and my dad is the unlucky "winner:"

They are going to present his case at their cancer board meeting on Friday and the team will decide together what the best course of action is.

I won't get to be there since I will still be in the hospital recovering from surgery, but I know every single doctor that will be there, and I trust wholeheartedly, that the best decision will be made.

My dad doesn't know the Lord, and so beyond praying for cancer healing, please pray that he would come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.  I long for that with my whole heart...

4. So until I return from he hospital, farewell.  

At least this time, it is a planned admission instead of an emergency one, so I am not suddenly disappearing this time! I appreciate all of you who noticed when I did disappear from my blog last made me feel good, so again, thanks for that and for your continued prayers. :)

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  1. Sorry I havent been commenting on anything I havent really found time. Im glad everything worked out, you - the kids - surgery. Sorry about the pain but hopefully you will get better soon!


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