Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorite Things

It's been a rough week and a great week all at the same time....
but I am only going to focus on the best parts...the favorites, since this IS a Friday Favorites Post :) 

*I learned how to administer the IV antibiotics myself so I don't have to have an RN visit me at home daily
*The 8mg of Dilaudid (narcotic pain killer) every 6 hours is working pretty well as long as I "lay low"
*I actually got to take several pictures of each of my children--which means I was able to stand long enough to do it before needing to be done;
{I was going crazy on the couch not taking pictures because I take pictures all the time, it's just part of who I am. So when I was laying on my parent's couch, I convinced my kids to let me take a few of them outside on their patio before going back to lay made me very happy} :)
*I got to sit at my desk for a little while and edit the sunset pictures I took the night before I was admitted to the hospital.  
Photographs of sunsets at the beach always make me happy!

Especially, these! :)

*My doctors all gave me the thumbs up to go on our planned family what I lovingly refer to as our Our Happy Place. It's our annual summer vacation tradition and we all look forward to it SO much.  

We leave on Sunday and come back next Friday. We are "camping" at the beach, but in a 28 foot travel trailer {a mini-hotel on wheels :) } and I get to do nothing but lounge on the beach all day long snapping pictures with my zoom lens...yes, you can call it heaven

Here are some snapshots of Our Happy Place vacation last summer:
{Doesn't it scream happy place?! :) Even our big yellow lab gets to come...even he loves it! The heart is a sea anemone that was naturally laying in the shape of a heart with shells stuck to it. It's one of my favorite photos ever.}

*Sweet friends have been delivering meals to us three times a week, and my mom has been cooking for us in between.  

*My kids and husband don't let me get up to do anything, insisting that they do it for me. 

*My mom drove me to Target and bought me a black and white chevron maxi dress for my upcoming 39th birthday {it's on June 27th} when I thought I was going to die if I had to wait even one more day to go into that store(!) :).  

*My mom has been driving me everywhere I need to go and my husband has been doing the rest. It makes my mom feel happy to help us the way we helped them after my dad's's what family is for, and praise the Lord that I have a great one!

*My doctors have been absolutely AMAZING doing everything they can to make sure that I stay safe and as well as I can be with all that's wrong inside my abdomen.

I feel loved and grateful...and humbled. 
*And last but not least, Gavin's last baseball game of the season is tomorrow and I get to go to it! :) I had to miss the past two games because I was in the hospital, but I prayed and prayed that I would be able to see his last one tomorrow, and Lord-willing, it's going to happen!!!!!  
We are SO sad that baseball season is ending because we so enjoy it, but we LOVE the new friends we made and look forward to playing with them at the beach this summer, now that school is just about OVER!!!!!!!!! :)

For more Friday Favorite Thing Post, visit Rachel's blog...and happy weekend to you all!

friday favorite things | finding joy
As an aside, my surgery is scheduled for June 20th. 
They will be removing my gallbladder and my drain 
{yes, I have to wear the drain for 5 weeks all together, even to Our Happy Place!}
I will continue to receive daily IV antibiotics through then {even on vacation} 
Please keep praying for me...more details to come when it's not a Friday Favorites post :)


  1. I just happened upon your blog a week or so ago and just wanted to tell you that I love your photos. I was drawn to your blog as I love to take pictures and you have so many beautiful pics on your blog -- I have also enjoyed reading it. Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  2. Glad your feeling better. Glad you took more photos... Don't let things stop you from doing what you love! :D


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