Monday, April 8, 2013

Miscellany Monday

1. Lately, I have really been struggling with the mast cell disease that is raging in my body.  All I want to do is sleep...some days, it's all I do.  When I do go out and do something, the next day is met with almost a whole day of sleep.  This hasn't happened in awhile, so I know that something has changed and my doctors and I are going to attempt to find something to help again.  

sunset 1_edited-3

Living with a chronic disease is really hard.  It's old and tiring.  There is no novelty, nothing that makes it worthy of anyone's attention; because it's been going on for awhile, most people don't notice it anymore, or ask about it anymore. I am treated as if I am normal even though I am not...yet I wouldn't want to be treated any other way.  

When everyone else's life goes on and I feel stuck in a pit of muck and mire that I can't get out of, when my heart desires to participate in my life in a certain way but I sadly have to say that I can't, when I want to simply be able to wake up at a normal time in the morning and actually feel energetic for the first time in my life but find that it never happens no matter what I do.....and to know that it's all because of a disease that I can do very little about....I feel so frustrated.

Even resentful, sometimes jealous if I were to be really honest. 
I wish I could get rid of it yet I am to give thanks for it.  

Always Be Joyful
{1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

I pray that I can get to a place where I can thank God on the bad days and really feel the thanksgiving in my the middle of it...not after it's gone when I have had the chance to see His blessing in the midst of it. I find it so challenging, yet I know it is possible, as all things are possible with God.

sunset 2_edited-3

That's where my heart is this week.

2.  We got to go on a mini-trip to visit one of my best friends at her new house, about 2 hours from us.  Just the kids and I went, and we had SO much fun.  Here are pictures of my daughter and my best friend's daughter {one of Chelsea's best friends too!}

chelsea 3_edited-2

chelsea 6_edited-2

How cute are they?!  And they are growing up so fast! 
chelsea 9_edited-2

Here's the 4 of's fun that we both have a first born daughter and a second born son, and no other children...they are a great match for each other, and it's a friendship I am SO thankful for!

My sweet friend and I stayed up to the wee hours of the night/morning putting together smash books 

saneff 2

with our daughters 

saneff 3

while the boys put together pinewood derby race cars together.

gavin and max_edited-2

It was tears all the way around when we had to leave to go back home, but it was the best mini-trip ever! :) {even though I had to sleep for 2 days after I got back}

3.  Gavin and baseball are a fun combination...
gavin 1_edited-2

Especially when Dad is the coach!
gavin 2_edited-2

Here Gavin is below, laughing at his Daddy on the pitcher's mound:
gavin 11_edited-2

gavin 4_edited-2

Swing and a hit!
gavin 5_edited-2

Running to base with his eye on the ball because this year, they can get tagged out.
Gavin 10_edited-2

He LOVES playing baseball and we LOVE watching him.  He has three best friends on the team, and these boys are from families that our whole family is friends makes it a fun time for us all.
gavin 7_edited-2

But watching Gavin play and not be sick is the greatest thrill of them all...prayerfully, I will be able to do things without getting sick again soon...just like my little man!
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  1. Well sorry to hear about that mastocytosis stuff going on inside your body life has been great for me, I have a gf and getting to see that you blogged is perfect. The pictures blow me away carla btw I sent you a request on facebook. The kids have gotton so big since a few years ago :) have a good one.

  2. inspiring blog and post-your family is beautiful! Following from miscellany monday-beautiful photography as well!

  3. Hey carla... I tried to post a comment on this post yesterday but for some reason it doesn't let me do it on my phone. Sorry about not posting in a bit. I don't really feel emotionally well right now but im glad to see pictures of the kids and quotes, also im sorry that your having mastocytosis issues but I hope everything goes okay. I sent you a friend request on facebook but if you didn't get it I can send another. Cya next post Carla.

  4. Carla, you are an amazing woman and I love that you really share your heart. Jealousy is a funny thing. There has been many a time I have been jealous of you. You see we are a homeschooling family with 6 beautiful blessings but we have no friends. We have no church or support group. The homeschool group we were a part of fell apart two years ago and we weren't very close to anyone there either. I can't say I would want to be sick all the time so that I could have that blessing and I am guessing you would not necessarily want to give up all the wonderful friends and support that you have so you could be well all the time. And not that it is an either or sort of thing. My point is only that we can be jealous of so many things instead of seeing the blessings in what we do have. Thank you for looking for the blessings and for causing those around you to look for the blessings as well. Praying you and the docs can figure something out so you will be feeling more better soon.

  5. Praying for you today, Carla. Dealing with a chronic illness and trying to live a 'normal' life is almost impossible.



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