Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On Photography

I found this poem on a photography website and I love it, so I quickly made one to match my style...I think I can make it better, but I didn't have much time.


I love what it says, as it is so true...it captures at least a part of why I love photography so much.

When I look at this picture below, I will forever remember the sweet moment shared between Father and daughter...how in love Chelsea is with her daddy....how she just ran to him and nestled herself into his big body, all snug and safe and warm while she giggled with delight. I want to save that feeling and remember it forever...how it warmed my heart to see her so in love with dad, even at practically 11 years old.


And this picture below; the face of my sweet boy, who was so sick the day before and mysteriously great the next day. I want to remember what his body does when he does too much, and remember how great the next day is when he rests it out so I don't freak out every time it happens. I want to remember how he picked this flower for me...and how he used it to beg me to let him play some basketball with his daddy even though he had more schoolwork to do and should have been resting. ;)

birdwatch 077_edited-2

His resilience and perseverance floors me. His desire to just keep going without complaining? I admire it and him and his attitude tremendously. He has such a zest for life, such a joy about him, such a love for even the simplest things. I don't want to forget this about him when he is all grown up.

I love how pictures evoke thoughts, feelings, and memories...and how capturing them on film allows these sentimental thoughts, memories, and feelings to be remembered for a lifetime.

While I have more photos from today, I couldn't get to them all, so I decided to start with these two....because 2 are better than nothing. :)


  1. Nice update. Im not sure why my last comment was deleted? But whatever I guess... Glad to hear that your all doing good and enjoying life without any sicknesses or medical disruptions. It is really a great thing to see :)

  2. Zachary, I never deleted any comments from you...which post was it on? I tried to contact you after the last comment you left, but don't see a way too..so I hope you see this. Thank you for all the sweet and encouraging comments, and I am sure you will have a wonderful family someday...you sound like a wonderful boy! :)

  3. It was on the "Friday favorite things" post, but don't worry about it. It was probaly a mistake I made when posting it or something like that. Thanks for the reply because I thought I did something wrong lol. And speaking of Gavin's cold were having a flu problem in Florida aswell. Which sucks because there's also a cold front and in Florida, people seem to think 60 degrees is "freezing", but I don't seem to have any problem with it. I do support your family all the way, when sick and when not. Your family is very brave for doing and going through what they have to without a choice. I have babysat alot of kids (and no not my family, im the youngest) and NONE of them face the challenges that you guys do... Ill put my contact information below.

    Email 1: botelhozachary@ymail.com (prefer to use this one)
    Email 2: torturersps@gmail.com (I don't really check this one but if you want a gmail then use this one...Name is from a video game btw ^^)
    Well ill check back on you guys later have a nice day =)


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