Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Miscellany Monday

1. I had a scare last Thursday...the whole area where my port-a-cath lays (left chest) hurt really bad. It was a little red, a little swollen, and I had sharp pains throughout my shoulder, arm, chest, and in the part of my neck where the catheter lays. I also had a bad headache and a low fever...so instead of having my home health RN come access it, off to the ER I went.

I was miserable.  I have been having the worst chronic (daily) migraine-type headaches (hence the glasses!) that almost never go away unless I take Fioricet along with the daily meds that also help it....and my entire left side hurt so bad.  

The doctor was concerned with my symptoms and it scared me.  They did a chest x-ray, an ultrasound of my arm and chest, labs, and blood cultures and thankfully, everything came back normal. While we waited for the results, they started an IV (after 5 tries--apparently, I was severely dehydrated even though I get IV fluids weekly!), and gave me 2 liters of normal saline and 2 doses of IV Dilaudid for the pain. The first dose didn't even touch the pain...the second dose, however, did.  I was happy then. ;)
Then, my sweet husband and children picked me up from the ER and I got to go home. I still don't know what the pain was from, but we decided to leave it alone for the past week thinking it would stop hurting and it did. It hasn't hurt since the 2nd Dilaudid dose.  

I just hope that when this Thursday comes, and it's time to use it again, that it doesn't hurt and it works well!

2. Gavin got his PICC line out!
 After almost 4 months of having his 10th line, it's finally out and we couldn't be happier! :)

3.  Gavin had his first baseball game of the season...he was SO stoked to play without a PICC line in his arm for the first time since practices started.

He is in single A, and it's machine-pitch...though for this first game, the league was one machine short, so they went with coach pitch. He did great.... :)
waves 007_edited-2

See the ball in the upper right hand corner?  He hit it out of the field!
waves 010_edited-2

Running to 1st....
waves 015--edited_edited-2

waves 018_edited-2

Running to 2nd...
waves 019_edited-2

Making friends with the 2nd baseman on the other team :)....
waves 023_edited-2

Another trip to 1st..they get 3 ups..he spotted me out of the side of his eye and gave me this smile :)
waves 064_edited-2

This is the first year that they get a real dug-out.  It's AWESOME, especially for Gavin, who needs to sit and rest in the shade in order to make it through the whole game. It worked out perfectly for him!
waves 098_edited-2

And I loved spying on him and his best friend while they watched the game, and catching a few snapshots of them together while I did!
waves 103_edited-2

4. After the game, we went to the beach...without a PICC line! ;)
waves 214--EDITED_edited-2

it was our first beach day of 2013....her first wave of 2013!
waves 210--EDITED_edited-2


It was awesome...
waves 230--EDITED_edited-2

Beautiful as usual.
waves 231--EDITED_edited-2

The waves? Magnificent.
waves 198_edited-2

As always....
waves 596_edited-2

Birds?  Beautiful :)

We are so blessed to live where we do...thank you Lord!

5. Spring is in the air...at the beach, on the baseball field, in my yard...

and in my house. {Flowers from my boy}
and I am enjoying capturing it all on film.  It makes me happy all the time.  I told my kids if I get upset, hang my camera on my neck, and send my out into the sun.  They giggled and said okay :)

6.  It was a fun few days, but today, Gavin is sick.

And I am SO sad.  Imagine if we didn't homeschool...I don't think he'd ever make it do a day of school!  I am SO thankful for homeschooling, in more ways than I can explain.

However, if all 4 of us can go longer than one...even two...whole days without one of us being sick, it would be a miracle; one I would celebrate and give thanks for.

But alas, today is not that day.

Maybe next week????  

I can only hope~
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