Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hope in Christ

It anchors my soul when I feel like a ship tossed about by the wind and waves.

Hope is a confident expectation and a firm assurance, that we, who believe in Jesus, will spend eternity in heaven, where there will be no more suffering, sickness, sadness, anger, pain, or tears.

Hope is an unwavering confidence that everything in the Bible is true and that every promise made by God will be kept.    

Jesus is our hope. 
He's the One who restores our relationship with God,
the One who unites us with Him,
the One who saved us from our sins.  

He is why we can hope.

He is the giver of joy and peace, love and grace;
He provides for every need and comforts us in every hurt;
He works out all the hard things in our lives for our benefit,
according to His purposes for our lives.
birds 077--edited_edited-1

Though sick days abound and those around me suffer,
we have this hope in Christ;

{this print can be found here}

this confident expectation and firm assurance
that our suffering won't last forever.  
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  1. Beautiful pictures, Carla (both of your kids and the quotes...). I just wanted to ask, how are the kids mastocytosis going? You never posted any hospital or day to day life with chronic illness's so im guessing its going all good and dandy there. I have just realized that man... TIME FLIES. I feel like your last post was only yesterday. I have read this blog for atleast 1-2 years, and im quite sure I have read every single little post from when Gavin was born to now (beautiful story btw :D), its crazy. I can see that you have been doing alot of photography with your kids and the quality of the photos is tremendous! I have trouble taking a clear picture for facebook with my webcam... $20 does wonders haha. You said that you wanted to contact me in the last post and I left you my Emails if you havent seen already, feel free to. I have just got back from babysitting and he was a handfull. It was my first time changing a baby's diaper and umm...well lets just say I don't plan to have kids anytime soon. I have washed kids, tell them stories, ect ect. but nothing compares to changing a babies diaper and trying to get them to GO TO SLEEP -_- (was hard as heck...). You really are a great mother for giving you and your family so much support through these hard times. I never looked at parenting so hard until I had to spend a night with a baby that was in my hands. Soooo im going to bed now... Good job :).

  2. Your picture of the white flowers on the branch is just gorgeous!

  3. Your picture of the white flowers on the branch is just gorgeous!


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