Monday, February 11, 2013

Little Guy & My Hair

I dyed my hair and got rid of my grays....and it made me so super happy that I actually dried it and styled it for the first time in weeks! ;)


I've been so lazy with my hair lately, but now that I love the color, I hope to actually style it on a regular basis again!


I so looked forward to Gavin healing from his surgery and being all better...for him to stop being sick....only for him to heal and immediately get sick again ;(


He has whatever gnarly virus is going around right now...I am thankful that it doesn't seem to be the flu but I am bummed that he is still so sick. He's had a persistent high fever, a bad cough, and he's super congested. We hope he gets well soon!


Jennifer said...

I hope and pray he doesn't have that cold/flu that is going around. We had high fevers and coughs and after a few days the fever finally went away but the cough and congestion has been here three weeks. Please Lord, help this virus to run it's course very quickly through Gavin!

Zachary Botelho said...

Hey looking forward to seeing whatsup! Hope y'all doing good! :D