Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heart Weekend

We didn't celebrate Valentine's was more of a Valentine's Weekend since we had colds on the actual day. Besides, we try to celebrate love all year as opposed to only on one day ;)

We had a fun family night with a yummy family dinner....

heart day 077_edited-2

heart day 124--edited_edited-2

heart day 126--edited_edited-2

heart day 133--edited_edited-2

heart day 139--edited_edited-2

and we made creative cards/presents for each other:

My creative card for Tim was on his bathroom mirror so when he woke for work that morning, he'd see this:
heart day 113_edited-2

I have been wanting a window box of flowers outside my office window since my computer faces outside the window, and so Tim got me started with some flowers for that box ;)
heart day 111_edited-2

I made this bookmark for Chelsea (double-sided single bookmark)

and this card for Gavin:
date day 004_edited-2

The kids made these for me: {minus the LOVE art...I saw that on instagram}

Tim made us a card, but I didn't take a picture of it because it has specific identifying information on it! ;)

Two days later, Tim and I went on a heart DAY date to the beach...alone...for the first time since becoming parents almost 11 years ago.

Beach dates during the day with hubby?

date day 050_edited-2

date day 049_edited-2

date day 101_edited-2

Beautifully Serene
date day 164_edited-2

date day 098_edited-2

date day 149_edited-2

Don't misunderstand, family beach days are all those things too...minus quiet and relaxing :)
After our beach day, we got some food, and went to get Tim's long awaited Christmas and Birthday present...a new 9 foot longboard from Rip Curl...

His dream board. {GRIN}

If anyone deserves it, it's husband who only works.  For us. Everyday, all the time, so many hours a week. For us!  We are SO thankful for him {heart}

After that, Tim took me to the place where he proposed to me 13 years ago this month.....

LOVE 2_edited-3

13 years ago, he asked me to marry him...right here....

and I am so glad I said yes.
date day 200_edited-2

We belong to each other forever.... {soulmates}
LOVE 4_edited-2

and we are eternally grateful that the Lord united us as one with him for the rest of our lives!


So our Heart Day turned out pretty cool even though it started with was yours??

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  1. Nice post, Carla. Me being 13 and having no medical problems quite like you guys I can't exactly say I know how it feels to not be able to do anything with your family for weeks, maybe even months. Whenever I read your blog it interests me so much I can read a new story about your family everyday, its like a big book. I always kinda wanted to create a blog but I always felt my family wasn't interesting or entertaining as quite as other bloggers. And well nothing really "special" is in my family at all. I really love reading about other blogs and stories about family and such, they really give me an interest. To see how so many people can deal with family problems they make it look so easy. I would never imagine it being easy, in fact if I ever have kids (plan to) and they had medical conditions I would do anything for them to...So its logical to me to see what the families do for their kids. In the future I really hope to have a nice family and possible start a blog but I just don't know when to start it all seems to fast...Well I don't know. Never quit blogging Carla or Tim you guys are really good at this and I don't think the viewers will want you guys to quit either...Its really quite amazing. :)


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