Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Urgent Prayer Needed


This is what Gavin's PICC line should look like.......


But tonight, we discovered a hole in the line under the dressing when we went to hook up his IV fluids....blood and fluids and seeping out of a hole in the blue line that you see above.

Thankfully it's in a sterile covered spot on his arm, or we'd be in the emergency room right now. 

However, it's a HUGE problem, as Gavin's tonsillectomy (life-threatening for HIM) is on Monday, and sometime next week, we were going to try to get the 3 day whole body scan done to look for gastrinoma tumors.

He NEEDS the PICC line. 

He should be receiving IV fluids all week (he should be getting it NOW) because he's been feeling so crummy, and it helps minimize his body's reactions to all his upcoming procedures.

SO, TOMORROW Gavin is being admitted for URGENT SURGERY to replace the PICC line-- while keeping the central access open-- under general anesthesia. 

We don't know how long we will be there. 

The reason we aren't just pulling it out is that this is his 9th PICC line in 6 years.  He has so much scar tissue built up in his skinny arms that they had to try 4 times to get THIS one in.  We need to keep the access since it does in fact work, but it's a delicate surgery to replace the line while keeping the access (hole) that goes into a main artery directly into his heart open.

SO NOW, Gavin's (and consequently, my) admission to his children's hospital starts on the SAME DAY of my mom's spinal cord surgery to remove a tumor, that's at a different hospital over an hour away.   

Please pray for all the details to work out....there are OH so many. :(
May His strength infuse us continually...
trust 2_edited-1
for their sake....
for ours,
and for our Lord's. 

May His will be done, and may we honor Him in this.

Thanks for your continued prayers...

He is answering so many, working so many little and big things out each step of the way.  His sovereign presence is clearly surrounding us, holding us, and carrying us through.  We are forever grateful, and we TRUST Him to work out this for our good, according to His purposes for our lives.

Thank you again for continuing to pray!

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