Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Favorite Things

friday favorite things | finding joy

It is SOOO hard for me to keep a good attitude when so much goes wrong around me....even when they are meaningless yet important things amongst the huge and enormously meaningful's like I'm in a constant state of PMS : / 

My cell phone is broken, my computer isn't working well, because of blogger's new platform, I can't blog well from my iPad, my iTunes isn't's enough to make me want to scream and throw it all out the window!

But alas, there is Friday Favorite Things
An opportunity to reflect on my week and re-direct my thoughts
to the graces, the blessings, and the joys of the past here I go.

My daughter finished a 6 book series on the new American Girl Doll Caroline, a historical character from the War of 1812--and she finished all 6 books (about 42 chapters!) in 2 weeks.  Talk about a reading superstar...she couldn't put them down!   She is in love with both her dolls and her books and it makes my mama heart pitter-patter....sunset and fun 078--edited_edited-2

We were coming home from yet another doctor's appointment and noticed a great sunset starting at our local beach...{which by the way, another favorite is that I can SEE our local beach from the main road that takes us to our house!} we made a u-turn and headed down there. 

sunset and fun 064_edited-2

It felt incredible to feel the sand smell the beach air, to hear the crashing was eye candy, and ear candy, and soul candy. 
It's my favorite place on all the earth.
sunset and fun 001--edited_edited-2

The reflections, the glow, the has God's fingerprints all over it.
sunset and fun 027--edited_edited-2

And of course, the sunset did not disappoint. :)
sunset and fun 012--edited_edited-1

sunset and fun 035--edited_edited-2

sunset and fun 038--edited_edited-2

We were only there for 20 minutes, but it was
the best 20 minutes of my entire week!
Smoothies are another favorite...I feel nauseus a lot and smoothies make me feel better and allow me to eat when I otherwise couldn't.  While I wish Gavin would drink them {he flat out refuses}
sunset and fun 104_edited-1

Chelsea adores them...look at her sparkly happy facial expression that I got when I surprised her with one this morning!  A favorite for sure :) 
sunset and fun 110_edited-2

We got a one week reservation
at our favorite beach camping spot for June...we are so excited. 

It reminds me of these treasures that we found on that beach last summer.  We are SO excited to go back! 
sunset and fun 092_edited-2

I got my first Katie Daisy print...and I {heart} it SO much. 
It's totally worth the purchase as it's super thick and sturdy and pretty.
I love what it says, and I want to live every moment of this life in awe...
even when stupid electronics break : /, so it stands on our mantle as a reminder. 
sunset and fun 089_edited-1

Our local Trader Joes had orange-yellow tulips.  {A big favorite}
sunset and fun 088_edited-2

Signs of Spring are starting to appear in our backyard...see that grassy hill starting to form?  Everything is starting to grow back after one of the coldest winters we've ever had...even though it's still only January.  I LOVE living in southern California :)
sunset and fun 106_edited-2

And today is the first WARM day of 2013. 
My children are happily frolicking around in our backyard with shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts on and couldn't be happier.  All I want to do is go to the beach...but I can't.  At least I know this is only the start to warmer days ahead!
chelsea 001_edited-2

I may not love my son's mad face enough to make it a favorite...but since HE is MY favorite BOY in the WHOLE WORLD, I have to add this picture below.
  sunset and fun 112_edited-2

Unfortunately, he's starting to take after his dad when it comes to me and the camera. : /

While it makes me want to stomp my feet and have a tantrum because he used to LOVE hamming it up infront of the camera and has the cutest smile ever, I will choose to cherish what I get...even when the expression looks like this above, simply because it means I have him and he's here.

I will always love that
{instagram picture below}

Thank you Lord for these {Loves of My Life!}

Sigh...I feel much better now...thank you Rachel for hosting such a great blog party each week!

Now I am off to my cell phone store to bite their heads off for giving me a two hundred dollar phone that doesn't ever work, even though it comes with a one hundred dollar monthly plan.
{Wish me luck!} ;)

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