Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Gavin Update

My mom's surgery to remove a tumor from her spinal cord lasted 6 hours, but it went really well and the last I heard, she is recovering nicely...thank you for praying for her!

The reason I am not there to know is that yesterday, Gavin was admitted to the hospital while my mom was still. In a different hospital, over an hour away. :(

Thank The Lord it all worked out.  Tim stayed at my mom's hospital, I stayed with Gavin, my dad was being spoiled by my awesome friend in assisted living, and Chelsea was with our amazing new babysitter! It was a successful group effort.

One of the things I have been working through with The Lord is to trust Him to care for all my loved ones when I can't care for everyone at the same time.  That's hard for me, but I recognized it was a control issue and one I needed to I needed to trust The Lord, to care for them in my absence, and He did.  I am SO thankful that we have a faithful Savior that loves each of my family members even more than I do.

Gavin's PICC line had a hole in it, a super skilled amazing nurse was able to repair it while he was awake just in his hospital bed.  There were so many blessings that came with it, but I will list them all below at the end of this post as part of my One Thousand Gift List that I now make in a journal at home.

However, even though she was able to repair it, and even though we though we escaped surgery to replace it, a follow up X-ray revealed that the line isn't in the superior vena cava where it should be.

Thus, he still needs surgery to replace it. :(

His tonsillectomy was on the surgery schedule for Monday but they got him into a surgery slot tomorrow morning! :).

They will also replace his PICC under the same general anesthesia.

As I was typing this, I just found out this second that his existing PICC line is infected.

This isn't good.

However, it desn't look like MRSA (often fatal from sepsis), and he isn't showing any signs of a systemic infection.  That part is good!

I don't know yet if taking the line out will fix it.  We dont know yet if it is in his bloodstream and the line or only in the I am hoping and praying it is only in the line, and not in his bloodstream, and that we won't need to be here for two weeks for IV Vancomycin doses (an antibiotic).

This does mean that when they replace the PICC tomorrow, they have to use another access..his tenth PICC access. :(

His lab draws show that he will bleed than normal, but Lord- wiling we will be able to control it, and thus avoid a blood transfusion ( can sometimes happen with tonsillectomies in healthy "non-bleeder" patients--unlike Gavin.

Today we hang out in the hospital getting his pre-surgery protocol for Mastocytosis (steroids, benadryl and fluids and tomorrow morning, he will have two surgeries.

And we wait on the treatment for the infection.

Please pray for our sweet boy....thank you so much in advance!

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