Thursday, November 29, 2012

Friday Favorite Things

I haven't been able to do Friday Favorite Things in SO long...
so I am extra happy that I get to do it this week. :)

My favorite season is Fall...and this picture below is one reason why....
thanksgiving 161_edited-2

I LOVE the golden hues of Fall...
  thanksgiving 166_edited-2

 They warm my soul.
  thanksgiving 156_edited-2

 Tim and I met in the Fall 16 years ago...

 and we got married in the Fall 12 years ago.
{clearly this is our anniversary picture, I don't have a wedding picture on my computer yet}

 I LOVE autumn sunsets

red leaves

all things pumpkin {2011}

and cool scarf wearing weather {2011}.

I have been having some fun the past few days...I got a new iPad from my aunt and uncle for Christmas...obviously it's an early Christmas present.  But they live in Chicago, and don't usually get us presents..and aren't usually in California(!),  so since they came out to visit last week, they went big!

Now that I have my own iPad {I was using Tim's work iPad before when he wasn't at work}, I can get all the free apps I want {Tim's work put limits on that} so I am having fun experimenting with all that is available.

I took these pictures with my Canon DSLR, but after posting them on Facebook, I was able to open them up in an Instagram Collage app, and then on the Instagram app, so that I could give it the Nashville frame, and then I was able to post on Flickr so that I could put it on here in a matter of seconds!
#InstapicFrames #PicCells #ColorSplurge #InstaSplash

Then today, we decided to get out of the house
after being sick for so long and go to Starbucks....
{Starbucks will forever be a favorite}

We brought the iPad with us and did some homeschooling...
We heart Starbucks ;)

while they sipped on hot cocoa and I, a latte.

It was {fun}and just what we cheered us all up. ;)

My last favorite of the week is having my parents live 5 minutes away from us.  While we miss having them live with us {yes, we ALL miss it!}, it's such a {blessing} to have them be 5 minutes from us instead of almost 2 hours from us.  It feels like a {dream}!
  thanksgiving 197--edited

 We see each other nearly everyday...I am now able to drop off my kids at their house for photo shoots which allows me more flexibility in my job, and we can just stop in an say Hi whenever we want to.  We go shopping together, we go out to eat together, we visit for an hour or 6 hours and then can be home 5 minutes's {bliss}!

 My dad is super happy to {finally} be out of the hospital after having a severe stroke this past summer, and he is thrilled to be back home, in a new home, with my mama and his wife of 49 years.
{my heart swoons at the thought of 49 years together}  

The kids especially {enjoy} being able to see Nana and Papa everyday...

thanksgiving 246--edited_edited-1

and Nana and Papa {love}seeing them everyday.

  Harrowby, Foley 189
They have always been so close, and I {heart} that a lot.

If you made it to this part of the post, thank you :)
I know it was long...
but I don't get to post as often lately between homeschooling,
dealing with medical stuff,
and having my photography business thrive....
so I wanted to catch up a little.

{Happy Friday 
Happy Christmas Season!}


  1. Thank god for all the good in your parents life and yours. I am so happy your parents are together again under the same roof. That's such a blessing your dad was able to go home. You all look so happy. Happy Holidays!!

  2. What a blessing to have your parents close by. You kids will get to have so many special times with them :) I LOVE the colors of fall as well, but they are all gone in my neck of the woods! Just bare trees and brown grass until it snows...Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. I just found your blog and I have to say you, you and your whole family, are such an inspiration. I have only read a couple posts about your life with a chronic disease, but it brought tears to my eyes. I can`t even imagine how you manage to handle it, and you are able to choose joy and be thankful. That's praiseworthy! Surely, this sounds sentimental & exaggerated, but your story really moved me.

    1. Thank you for letting me know, I really am encouraged by that. God bless you!

  4. LOVE this peak into your life and family!


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