Saturday, March 3, 2012

Surgery update

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I had surgery on my thigh muscle yesterday.

They made a 4 inch incision, pulled the thick layer of skin, tissue, (and fat!) back and cut two different pieces of muscle out of my leg.

Apparently it will regenerate... I hope it will because I don't really need help being weaker, especially in my left leg where it was done.

alysse and kids beach day 286

They are biopsying the muscle for a mitochondrial disease, along with several other conditions. The results will take a month to come back.

For now I am in a lot of pain and can't do much on my own. The muscles in both legs are reeeeally irritated from the surgery, cramping and twitching and going into spasm. I am stuck on the couch...thankfully I have my husband's IPad, and my hubby and mom to take care of me and the kids. : ).

I can't figure out how to upload new pictures onto this thing, so these old pictures will have to do. : )

Looking at these pics make my heart happy for the beach is my happy place....especially when I am there with my hubby and not-so-littles. : )

alysse and kids beach day 277

Hope everyone is having a great weekend...I'd appreciate your prayers for less pain and quick healing....



  1. Ava's Mitochondrial disease was confirmed with a muscle biopsy. I really hope yours is negative. You already deal with so much. Mito is terrible. I hope you feel better fast!

  2. praying for answers, praying for you as you heal


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