Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friday Favorite Things

{I am doing my friday Favorite Things with Rachel on Wednesday because we are leaving town tomorrow and won't be back til Sunday. Happy Friday to you all 2 days early!}
friday favorite things | finding joy

1.  These pictures my kids made me are my most favorite things of the whole week!
chelsea and gavin 010--edited

If you read carefully, you will see what Chelsea wrote--priceless!  It was her idea of a dream date with me, and she chose everything I love...she is a girl after my own heart ; )
chelsea and gavin 006--edited_edited-1

2.  Having fun out in nature in beautiful Spring weather with my other favorite thing this week.
chelsea and gavin 048--edited best_edited-1

chelsea and gavin 024--edited

chelsea and gavin 036--edited

3.  Flowers picked for me by my little big loves
chelsea and gavin 079--edited

chelsea and gavin 080--edited

chelsea and gavin 093--edited

chelsea and gavin 104--edited

4.  My beautiful 10 year old girl....
chelsea and gavin 154--edited awesome

5.  These new fields we discovered in town....
chelsea and gavin 150--edited_edited-1

chelsea and gavin 107--edited

6.  God's beautiful creation--sweet peas!
chelsea and gavin 110--edited

chelsea and gavin 133--edited amazing

chelsea and gavin 134--edited amazing_edited-1

7.  The day was gorgeous and picture perfect...thank you Lord!
chelsea and gavin 142--edited awesome

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  1. Haven't checked your blog for a while and I am so happy you are feeling better. Praying you all have a blessed Easter.

    btw, those pictures of Chelsea and the purple flowers are awesome - a lot of wow factor!


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