Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Girls

I haven't written much about my girls on I thought I would devote a post to it. 
(you will also see two little brothers and one little sister who was at our Valentine's Day party below!)
keepers valentines 005 edited_edited-1

Obviously they aren't really my girls, but more accurately, they are the girls in the Keepers of the Faith group that I lead.  
alysse and chelsea

This is our second year together, and we're all really close.  They are the sweetest group of girls I have ever had the pleasure of being around.
tori, hannah, isabella, alysse

They are 3rd-6th grade homeschooled girls from Christian families and I have 12 of them.  We meet at my house every other Friday.
janae and chelsea

Keepers of the Faith works very much like Girl Scouts.  The difference is Keepers isn't run by a large corporate organization; instead each group is free to run the way they want.  Also, the focus of Keepers of the Faith is just that--faith--and growing to become the woman of God they were created to be.    
janae, jessi-ruth, chelsea

I start each group meeting out with either a devotional or a Bible based lesson, they memorize verses, we do prayer requests and pray outloud for one another, and then we do a craft or skill lesson.  At the end we have a treat-like snack that each girl takes turns bringing bi-weekly.Madelyn and Bridget

We have done a lot of sewing, some knitting, embroidery, scrapbooking, watercoloring, drawing lessons, used oil pastels, studied specific artists, used acrylic paint for portraits on canvas and to paint wooden birdhouses, photography lessons, we've gone to the Flower Fields---these are only some examples--we've done a lot more!  
hannah 2

I plan it all, I delegate jobs to their moms, and it runs smoothly and beautifully.
isabella 2

The girls have all come out of their "shell" and are total silly goofballs with me all the time now
tori 3

They all bring so much joy to my heart
alysse 4

and laughter to my soul!

They breathe life into me when I feel weary from being sick...

I am so thankful for them.
keepers valentines 003 edited_edited-1

keepers valentines 002 edited_edited-1

alysse 3


Seeing them bond with one another,
lily, jillian, emmarose

this group of homeschooled girls who ordinarily wouldn't all be around each other at the same time,
lily and jilian
blesses my heart.

Two of the girls have been friends with Chelsea since Kindergarten, and they are now in 4th grade--here is the three of them in 1st grade....
alysse, chelsea, tori--1st grade

and here is the three of them now (4th grade)
alysse, chelsea, tori--4th grade

It blows my mind away to see how much they have grown......thank you Lord for this silly, funny, blessing-filled group of girls....(and little siblings : ) )
keepers valentines 006 edited_edited-1

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