Friday, February 24, 2012

A Month In Photos, Friday Favorite Things and Medical Update

One of my Friday Favorite Things this week IS my Month in Photos!
Here is January....
january 2012 month in photos_edited-1

-Lots of beach days in sunny Southern California
-some pictures from New Years Eve at midnight 
(so technically January because it was right after midnight!).
-I decided to leave out the sick pictures because who wants to remember that?!  I don't ; )

Another favorite this week, is how it went at my oncologist's appointment today....

drumroll please......

he ordered me a port-a-cath!
Port A Cath
Most people wouldn't be excited, but Oh sweet Jesus--only He knows just how excited I am.

I have accepted that I am sick and that there isn't anything I can do to take it away--all I can do is manage it the best that I can and learn to live with it.  I have done that.  I am doing that still.

What makes me happy is that IV hydration makes me feel better; I love that it's safe, and that it's easy and that it works.

What I haven't loved is dracula arms, and getting to a place where 3-4 different nurses are poking me 3 times each to get a line access and failing everytime
(so 9-12 pokes a week--or skip it and get so sick I have to go to the ER for 6-8 hours) 

I won't miss going to the ER to get an access because I am sick and need one but home health can't get one started anymore.

After two years of weekly peripheral IV starts.....

I won't have to wait for a nurse to come to get my hydration and go to the ER in between to get it because no one can come; I don't have to deal with gravity infusions that last forvever...instead, I can use a pump that goes in a backpack...and I won't be connected to a huge heavy pole that is like a ball and chain, especially when trying to drag it with a really weak left arm.

I get to access when I want to, and de-access it when I am done.  I can get fluids when I need, whenever I need it.  When it isn't accessed, I can do whatever I want because it's safely protected underneath my skin.

Our church family, our friends, our children, my husband, and I have all prayed for so long that I would find a doctor who would be willing to order me one and today the Lord answered that prayer!

doxology for our room_edited-1

When I get the surgery date, I will post it...please pray for my muscle biopsy next Friday and the bone marrow biopsy that the Oncologist is also going to do (with sedation, THANK GOD) in the hospital too (all different days)...the bone marrow biopsy will tell them which type of Mastocytosis I have...the muscle biopsy will hopefully diagnose my neuromuscular disease, and then the port will just make my life easier.

Praise God!

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  1. I just LOVE your photo collages! :) Thank you for sharing. So happy I had the chance to stop by your lovely blog. :)


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