Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Favorite Things

friday favorite things | finding joy
My Friday Favorite no particular order:

1.  Finding this picture in old picture files...Valentine's Day 2007.
valentine's day 2007_edited-3
and this is them now...this past Valentine's Day 2012.  My how they have grown!
valentine post 6_edited-3

It makes my mommy heart smile and cry all at the same time...all you mamas surely know what I mean!

2.  My not-so-littles finally started swim lessons for the first time in their life yesterday.

049 edited

The short of why we waited til now is lack of money, sickness, and nerves.  We decided we wouldn't spend the money until they were both healthy enough to do it, and until they both wanted to do it.  Otherwise, the money would be a waste.

Well that day has come--and the icing on the cake is that the charter school we homeschool through is paying for the lessons--so the money isn't even coming out of our pockets (which is good because we still can't afford $400 every 5 weeks!)

Gavin was SO anxious at first, but as you can see, he reeeeeally enjoyed it once he got in there and immediately fell in love with the teacher.

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Chelsea was more than thrilled and was quickly willing to do things on her own...

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Even though they are 3 years apart, since neither of them have ever had swim lessons, they get to be in a class together, and that encouraged Gavin's fears to dissipate very quickly...having sissy next to him was of great comfort to once he discovered he could kick as hard as he wanted, he was all smiles!

038 edited

I am apprehensive about how Gavin will handle this physically/medically with baseball and church. But he was SOOOO happy, and at this level, it isn't a lot of work, that we decided to go for it and see how it turns out.

012 edited_edited-1

I so hope they can both stick with twice a week lessons for the next three or four 5 week sessions as it will make this summer so much more fun for all of us!

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3. My last Friday Favorite Thing is this love note from my son:

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This is the first time Gavin ever wrote I {heart} u with all of our individual names all by eyes filled with tears.  

He is slowly but surely making progress...yeah for my little man!

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#196. Swim lessons for both kids at the same time!
#197.  Salt Water Swimming Pools
#198. Smiling faces, happy hearts...our son is swimming and not getting sick!! : )
#199. Old pictures
#200.  New pictures
#201.  Love notes from my son
#202.  My son wrote his first love note all by himself!
#203.  Chelsea's excitement
#204.  My beach town...everything it gifts me with...a great church, great friends, a great swim class, a great piano teacher, an amazing beach(!) and so much more...I love where I live...
#205. In spite of the sickness, I love my life! : )


  1. How wonderful the kids are taking swimming lessons. Praying they stay strong enough to enjoy the gift of swimming. God bless you and yours. Stopping by through Friday Favorite Things.

  2. Sweet photos. I hope the swimming is wonderful each week through the session.


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