Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Joy Dare

I didn't make it to a thousand in my One Thousand Gift List in 2011--I only made it 235.  But, it's because I tried to do it in picture form on my blog instead of like this picture below:

(this picture is from Ann Voskamp's blog because the picture reminds me and inspires me to make one for my kids and for us to do it together during homeschool hours)
joy dare for kids_edited-1

And there were plenty of posts that I look back at where I praised God for the gifts that I wrote about, but never numbered them..... : (

So I am going to take the 2012 Joy Dare--the dare to chronicle each one--
joy dare_edited-1

and this time I will do it in a notebook--3 a day, everyday, so that I will get to one thousand by December 31st of 2012.

I will post some on here too...but my primary goal is the notebook--perhaps I will photograph the notebook at the end of each month and post it on here, as a way of holding myself accontable.  

I need to make this habit before all the other habits
-because it's a joy habit-
and He deserves all my thanks.

I read this quote on Ann's blog, and I wanted to make it fun and cute---so that it will be something I  remember because I find it to be so profoundly true:
christianity isnt an act_edited-2
Its impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear....and fear and worry are long-lasting struggles for me.  

In giving thanks, not only do I praise Him from Whom all blessings flow, but I also open myself up to Him--so that He may eliminate my fears...

and there's just no other place I'd rather be than that.    

Since reading her book, my heart and soul have been transformed, but I need this transformation over and over again, because like Ann, I am a woman with soul amnesia.

I need to keep remembering over and over again.


  1. "It's impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear....and fear and worry are long-lasting struggles for me."

    Love this quote. So true - and unfortunately, fear and worry are struggles for me as well. I'm not sure I will remember to list 3 everyday, but I am going to focus on listing more of the gifts as well! Thanks for the challenge!

  2. My gift from God is to find some sort of Joy in each day, no matter if it is a tiny shiny bit of Joy or day overwhelming with Joy. A great Challenge I will undertake also. It helps me to be mindful of what is good with life. Thanks for sharing. Hoping you and your family's journey this year is better healthwise.


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