Monday, November 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @
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1.  I can't belive it's already time to decorate for Christmas.  I have A LOT of Fall decorations to take down, and A LOT of decorations I need to make to put up for Christmas.  It can be overwhelming when you're spinning more plates than one should, but I am slowly dipping me feet into the pool of Christmas.  I don't want to take away from the beauty of the holiday because I am so caught up with what doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things....but to a designer, decorations matter.  Let. Me. Tell. You. 

So in starting slowly, first, I designed this blog and my design blog.  Then I made these signs. 

Christmas Sign 1_edited-2

 For $10 I will send you a high resolution jpg file suitable for printing clearly in large sizes.  

Christmas Sign 2_edited-1

More are coming soon, simply because they are so much fun to make and so easy to use for decorations! : )

Christmas Sign 3_edited-2

You will notice that I have the same sign 3 different times, but with three different fonts and's to suit all the many tastes out there...surely I could come up with more with the same sign!

Christmas Sign 4_edited-1

I plan on printing the one above for the more I have in the making.  I will reveal them as soon as I finish them.

2. Then we got a kids are pointing like Doug the Dog from the movie Up. They crack me UP!
christmas tree 018

3. Then Gavin had some fun with the piles of dirt and dust and needles on the ground...I had fun trying to get the timing with my cheap camera just right. : )
christmas tree 023

4. Taking home the tree is always fun and exciting because we know what is to come when it arrives at our house......
christmas tree 029


Pictures of our decorated tree coming soon.....

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  1. im glad i didnt put up any fall decorations- i love to put decorations up but i hate to take them down!

    the christmas cards look great!


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