Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Card Designs

I decided to post all the Christmas Cards I created here too...there are now 20 designs to choose from....and each pre-made design is only $15!  Custom options are available for $25.  See the bottom for details....

A Savior is Born
christmas card sample 16_edited-1

A Joyful Beachy Christmaschristmas card sample 18_edited-2

Holly Jolly Christmas
Christmas card sample 20_edited-1

Simply Christmas in Aqua and Green
Christmas card sample 22_edited-3

Simply Christmas in Red
Christmas card sample 21_edited-4

Christmas Garland
Christmas card sample 24_edited-1

A Banner Birdie Christmas
Christmas card sample 23 copy_edited-1

Merry Christmas
christmas card sample 17_edited-2

 Bird Love
christmas card sample 15_edited-2

christmas card sample 11_edited-2

Joy to the World
christmas card sample 10_edited-6

Rustic Beachy Christmas
christmas card sample 13_edited-1

Christmas at the Beach
christmas card sample 12_edited-4

christmas card sample 1a_edited-1

Gold Greetings
christmas card sample 2_edited-4

Snowflake Christmas
christmas card sample 7_edited-6

Joyous Ornament
christmas card sample 9_edited-2

Joyful Fun
christmas card sample 8_edited-1

Vintage Not-So-Traditional Christmas
christmas card sample 4_edited-2

christmas card sample 3_edited-1

Each Pre-made design is $15 and includes the following:

  • The addition of your high resolution picture
  • I will edit the picture if desired (enhance, add contrast, saturate, black and white, sepia, etc.)
  • I will personalize the names
  • I will email you the final copy of the card in a high resolution .jpg format
  • You could then upload it to Costco, Target, or Shutterfly on-line, have it printed at a 5" x 7", and pick up within an hour or have it delivered to your house.
Easy Peasy!

If you would prefer a custom designed card, using either any of the above designs or a whole new design, just email me to get started....the price of a custom card is $25.

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