Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where We Homeschool (All New!!!)

HHH 300x300 Hip Homeschool Hop   8/9/11
We homeschooled in an actual classroom last year, but this year, I had to give up this actual-extra room-turned classroom to give Gavin his own bedroom.....which meant homeschooling without a classroom, at the dining room/kitchen table. 

Initially, I was bummed--but my creative nature that is always up for a new challenge took over--and as it turns out, I really love what I created waaaaaaay more than what we had before! : )

I decided to make "Learning Stations" in different parts of my house.  I had to be creative because my goal was for our house to not look like a classroom--but instead--to look like a regular house.

My first challenge was where was I going to store all my homeschool stuff without being able to see it in our main living area???

Then stepped in a friend who had a dining room hutch that she didnt want anymore, and so she gave it to us for free!

It is the perfect place to store everything I need to homeschool with.

It has glass windows so my original idea was to get pretty wicker baskets to hold everything in to that it would look nice from the outside (because it's the first thing you see when you walk in our front door!).

  However, those pretty wicker baskets are not cheap(!), so I opted to purchase a $3 role of bamboo looking shelf paper to cover the glass from the inside. 


I love the way it turned out!

Here you can see the inside--and I labeled where everything is--here is one side:


and here is the other side:


Then, since we have to do our written work at our dining room table, but I want the area to look like a dining room instead of a classroom, again, I had to think creatively.

So here it is as a dining room:

034--the one


And this is on the side wall, in a nice frame so it doesn't look out of place:


and so, to turn it into a place where we do school, we take this nifty $1 caddy I found in the dollar isles at Target (favorite place ever!) out of the hutch and put it on the dining room table:


Then we take out our book baskets and our binders/planners and set up our areas at the dining room table.

049--the one 3--the best

our binders_edited-2

This is my area:


This is Chelsea's area:


This is Gavin's area:


Then we head over to the couch for all our reading:


This is the view of the dining room from the couch:


On the right of the dining room is the kitchen, and on the right of the kitchen is our next Learning Station; here is the long view so you can see where everything is (and please ignore my messy kitchen!):


Walking through the kitchen to our next area:


This was actually our inside laundry room that is technically part of the kitchen--but it's an awkward space.  Aside from the washing machine and dryer being behind these doors on the right wall of this space


it was a wasted area--until now.  I labeled the pictures so you can see what everything is for:



Because the area above is where we hang all our art, it's the only space that has a classroom feel, but because of where it is in the house, Tim and I both agree that it's a great fit!

Then here is our "Feel Good" bulletin board--it holds cards and pictures that we treasure:


And here is our calendar bulletin board (you'll notice I put pictures that make us happy on just about everything!):


When you walk out of the kitchen, toward our reading area on the couch, you see our piano--where Chelsea and I practice (the hutch is on the opposite wall and please excuse the messy floor!):


And there you have our homeschool space!

I have been reading the ADD book by Dr. William Sears and it says that children (and adults!) with ADD or ADHD do better in school when they can move a lot. 

Hence, why I created all these stations. 

It keeps us from being stuck in one place all day and thus, makes learning more fun.

Again, after I completed all of it, I discovered that I LOVE it way more than the actual classroom we used to have. 

Thank you Lord for helping me make this work for our family--now I can't wait to start!!!


  1. WOWOW! I LOVE the HUTCH! I love the HUTCH! Oh and the rest of your home is so beautiful and cheery!!! I would love to learn at your home! Looks like you are off to a GREAT start!!!

  2. What a great set-up! My dad's cousin homeschools her two kids and they basically just set up in the playroom. However, they also go to a homeschool building for subjects my cousins can't really learn at home and that my dad's cousin teaches, like P.E. and science. Whatever works :)

  3. The hutch is incredible. I love that it is black and I love the contact paper you chose for the glass. And yes, those wicker baskets are soooo expensive!

    I look forward to hearing about your year and how the new set-up works out!

  4. I really love your space! It is so nice! The hutch is just amazing! Have a blessed year!

  5. Wow Carla, your new spaces look great! And I love that Gavin has his own room now because it means his health is stable enough for it. God is so good!

  6. And I LOVED your old classroom! But wow you have done such a great job with this! Seriously, it does not look like a classroom and the hutch looks great. I love how you set everything up.
    Now we need to see pics of Gavin's room! :)

  7. Wow, that turned out awesome, Carla! I love it! And the wall hanging looks beautiful over a window!

    Now can we pretty please see photo tours of the kid's bedrooms? Please! I'm so anxious to see how ya'll have decorated their rooms!

  8. Beautiful and so well organized! I am just "hopping" over from HHH. So glad to find your blog.

  9. Great job! I love how everything seems to flow so nicely without making your house look like a school building! That hutch is amazing.

  10. Gosh! Your home is gorgeous! Oh, and the rest of your homeschool stuff too! ;)

  11. Your space is amazing! My goal was for our space to be integrated into the home as well, which is not an easy task:) You did a fantastic job.


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