Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About Chelsea

"I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart." {Psalm 9:1}

Also known as Peanut, Pipsqueak, and Princess, our sweet 11 year old girl is a sensitive, imaginative, thoughtful, and Jesus-loving social butterfly who loves to plan, schedule, and create.

She is an amazing reader, writer, and piano player

who also loves to make smash books, listen to worship music, and swim and boogie-board in the ocean.

She and her brother Gavin are best friends. :)

You can typically find her snuggling with at least two of her American Girl dolls while holding at least a few books or markers in her hand.

Chelsea has Mastocytosis/MCAD too.  It affects her skin (rashes and hives), GI tract (acid reflux disease,  chronic diarrhea), airway (reactive airway disease), muscles (pain and weakness), head (headaches), and bones (lesions on her right and left legs).

Before we learned she has Mastocytosis, she had retractable acid reflux disease and it caused a significant amount of respiratory distress when she was a toddler...so she had a nissen fundoplication with a hiatal hernia (stomach goes up into the chest) repair. 

8 months later, the hiatal hernia stitches came undone and the respiratory symptoms that had disappeared after the first surgery returned. 

So a second surgery in the same year--the same nissen fundoplication with another hiatal hernia repair-- followed. 

This time, it stuck.
It worked for 2 and a half years until eventually re-herniating again, bringing back the severe acid reflux.

However, around the same time we finally discovered that she also had/has Mastocytosis and when she started treatment for the disease, the acid reflux became manageable without needing to do a 3rd fundoplication and hernia repair.  (Praise the Lord!)

She has 8 prescription medications that treat the affects of the disease, and since starting them, she rarely has reactions and is rarely ill--a huge change from the first 4 years of her life.

As a result, she {generally} is doing really well now--and we praise God for it all!

{To read the un-condensed medical story, including detailes about how she was diagnosed, click here.}

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