Friday, August 6, 2010

Organization of Homeschool Supplies

I spent the entire last week organizing all our supplies, and FINALLY finished, so I will show you some cell phone snapshots. (I bolded cell phone so you will undertand why the quality of the pictures is so poor!).

This is the closet in the room--we took the doors off to allow 100 percent access to 100 percent of the closet. Since there's no door, it has to be neat (unless I eventually get drapes to close it off!).

Homeschool Closet_edited-1

The white drawers hold a bunch of things--one holds consturction paper, another white drawing paper, another lined notebook paper, another holds coloring books, then another three holds office supplies, another holds all of Gavin's reading helps (like flashcards and letter tiles), another holds paper folders, another holds some craft stuff--like feathers, foam, stickers, and brown paper bags, another holds paper to use on a History timeline, and the last one holds Science cards and pamphlets.

The white drawer on the lowest level holds all of Chelsea's American Girl catalogs and magazines; it also holds her stories she's writing. To the right of that is two smaller boxes that hold Chelsea's American Girl doll school stuff.

The shelves hold scrapbooking stuff, large construction paper, large writing paper, and a 3 ring hole puncher. The floor level has a big tupperware box of all the books we're reading this year, and other supplies we'll need later in the year. One pink box holds all the pearler beads/accessories, and the other holds all the playdough and playdough toys.

Then there is file folder boxes of medical bills. UGH.

I am NOT an organized person by nature--it took a lot of research and "lessons" in organization to pull this off. I give all credit to the Lord because there's no way I could have done it on my own!

I got the Mason Jar idea from Contended Sparrow (see her blog by scrolling down to my blog list). Since the closet itself is ugly (and unpainted thus far), I decided to line the mason jars up across the entire shelf. I put all the little things that didn't have a home in each jar. Here's a close-up so you can see what is in each one:

homeschool organization 2

Above, the two on the left are foam stickers for halloween, next to those is a jar of feathers, next to that is obviously acrylic paint.

Below, is a jar of sequence, a jar of paint brushes, a jar of clothespins, and a jar of popsicle sticks.

homeschool organization 3

Finally, there is a jar of pens, and a jar of extra pencils.

homeschool organization 4

Wondering how many kids I homeschool because of how much in stuffed in each jar? I only homeschool two but because I have always been such a disorganized mess, I kept buying more when I could never find what I was looking for! Now that everything has a home, I can see that I won't need to buy anything for a loooooong time. : )

I had this drawer in my garage for years and it was never used. We like free in this house, so even though I'd love to have a really pretty one, I decided to be content with this one.

homeschool organization 15

I used it to store all our art supplies and manipulatives. You can see what's mostly in this first drawer, but in the back is acrylic paint, oil pastels, and the type of watercolors that come as a liquid in a bottle. I LOVE those so much better than the cheapy watercolors because the colors are more vibrant.

Homeschool Organization 10

Then, below is chalk, bottles of acrylic paint and dot art bottles. Have you ever heard of dot art? It's sort of like painting but without the mess--we love them.

Homeschool Organization 13

Then there's poster paint, palettes, and sponges--can you tell we LOVE art???

Homeschool Organization 14

The last two drawers are filled with math manipulatives--I have fraction cubes, ones/tens/hundreds blocks, tangrams, patterned blocks, and cubes for counting, etc.. The folders hold pages of pictures that they can use the patterned blocks and tangrams on. There also is a fraction activity book to use the fraction cubes with.

Homeschool Organization 12

Last but not least, we have a counting money game, a pizza fraction game, multiplication flash cards, and a box of magnetic counters for this magnetic math game I have for Gavin.

Homeschool Organization 11

Moving on to our next shelf--this shelf was also free (hence why it's not attractive). But my husband, being the carpenter that he is, is going to cover the sides with wood to make it look nicer. I bought the baskets at Target--but it's the only thing I spent money on to organize all of it....everything else was free.

homeschool organization 16

The polkadot green basket at the top holds my teacher books and magazines. The solid colored baskets hold all our books, and they are divided up according to topic. One basket holds all of chelsea's curriculum, and another holds all of Gavin's. Other baskets hold all of the readers, then all of the literature math books, then all of the science picture books, etc.. I love how easy it is to find what I'm looking for now and the baskets look so pretty (though it's hard to see that in these cell phone pictures!). This one below is a close-up of the box that holds Chelsea's curriculum:

homeschool organization 17

And below is the one that holds Gavin's favorite reading books.

homeschool organization 18

The orange can that's on the top shelf is this one:

homeschool organization 9

These cans above were in the $1 isle at Target--even the big orange one that holds all the smaller cans was a buck! As you can probably see, one can holds colored pencils, two hold markers, another holds crayons, and the last one holds dry erase markers. I love the handles on the side of the big orange can because it makes it easy to bring all of the cans to our desk at one time.

Stay tuned for pictures of our newly designed classroom--we've been working on it for a couple weeks now, and we're almost done!


  1. Your classroom looks great! I love the shelf with all the baskets, that kind of organization is right up my alley :) Homeschooling seems like so much fun and a great way to bond with your kids (wish my hubby would agree to it, after all, I am a credentialed elementary teacher!)

  2. Looks fabulous! I love those tin buckets. I'm going to have to check out the Target $1!

    Blessings as you prepare for your upcoming year.



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